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Uppy 1.29: Golden Retriever, disableLocalFiles, Webcam previews, uppy.logout

In Uppy 1.29, we’ve revamped the Golden Retriever plugin with support for partially recovered “ghost” files, added a disableLocalFiles option to the Dashboard, enabled the ability to preview webcam videos before submitting and provided an uppy.logout() method, along with an assortment of Companion improvements.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever (@uppy/golden-retriever) is Uppy’s innovative plugin that recovers users’ files after an accidentally closed tab/window or a browser crash. Golden Retriever was first introduced a few years ago, during Transloadit’s company meetup in Berlin, and now it finally underwent a proper refactor.

In this release, we’re adding support for “ghosts” — files for which we’ve restored the metadata, but were unable to recover the data blob itself (usually due to its size). In this case, users will see a ghost icon over the file and a “Re-select” button to pick the file again.

You can try Golden Retriever in action on the Dashboard example page.

Golden Retriever failing to catch something

Dashboard: disableLocalFiles

The disableLocalFiles: true option will disable drag & drop, and hide the “Browse” and “My Device” buttons, allowing only uploads from plugins, such as Webcam, Screen Capture, Google Drive or Instagram.

Docs: disableLocalFiles.

Webcam Previews

When recording a video with the @uppy/webcam plugin, you will now be given the opportunity to play it back and review before submitting. If you happen to not like the crab mask you’ve used, you can re-record the video using a more appropriate baby Yoda or duckface mask.


When your users log out of your app, you might want to also log them out of any cloud providers they might have used through Uppy, for extra security.

uppy.logout() calls provider.logout() on each remote provider plugin, like Google Drive, Instagram, Dropbox, etc.

Docs: uppy-logout


  • @uppy/companion-client: rethrow original error objects (#2889 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • Pull out metric middleware logic (#2854 / @mifi)
  • Smaller Heroku deployment (#2845 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • Bump redis from 2.8.0 to 3.1.1 (#2865 / @dependabot, @ kiloreux)
  • add chunkSize Companion option (#2881 / @mifi)
  • fix NRP TypeScript errors (#2884 / @mifi)
  • support relative redirect URLs in responses (#2901 / @ goto-bus-stop)


  • core: use AggregateError when available (#2869 / @aduh95)
  • build: upgrade TypeScript (#2856 / @ajkachnic)
  • webcam: improve MIME type detection to solve issue in iOS Safari (#2851 / @dominiceden)

See changelog for details.


Download Uppy 1.29.1

Or include from CDN. Note that it’s highly recommended to pick and choose specific Uppy plugins that you need, and install them with npm or yarn. This is because the bundle includes all Uppy plugins at once.