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Uppy 4.0 is here: TypeScript rewrite, Google Photos, React hooks, and much more.

🎄 Uppy 3.13 to 3.21: Typescript Saga: the beginning, Image Editor improvements, Dashboard auto-install

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It’s this time of the year again! Make yourself cozy by the fire, and let us help you unwrap the gifts Uppy has prepared for you.

We proud of all the improvements and amazing new features and bug fixes we were able to introduce this year. The highlights being: conditional S3 multipart and signing S3 uploads on the client, speedy handling of 10-50k file uploads, refresh tokens (useful when the token expires mid-upload for a large amount of files / slow connections), server-sent events and new assemblyOptions for the Transloadit plugin, Dashboard Single File mode (singleFileFullScreen), improved ETA in the Status Bar, a bunch of new languages, including Hindi, Mexican Spanish and Catalan.

This one, however, is a recent Uppy updates post, covering releases from 3.13.0 to 3.21.0: announcing the switch to Typescript, Dashboard can now auto-install plugins, support for Catalan language, a heap of bug fixes for Tus, Companion, AWS S3, and more.


We are excited to announce that we are working hard to refactor Uppy Core and all plugins source files to TypeScript. We have a build setup in place that temporarily supports both .ts and .js files in our monorepo. And a helper utility that takes a package name and does the initial renaming and Typescript config. Then we go through the list of plugins one by one. We begun with @uppy/utils and @uppy/core, since most other packages depend on those. Now we are moving to the rest, one by one.

This work so far is only affecting Uppy internals. In published packages we are using the manually crafted d.ts files, as before. We are planning to flip the switch and introduce some breaking changes in the next Uppy major, due to be released in the first quater of 2024.


  • Allow duplicate files with onBeforeFileAdded.
  • FixedonBeforeFileAdded with Golden Retriever.
  • Simplify types with class generic and type more events.

Image Editor

We have a whole separate blog post about the recent rotation improvements in the Image Editor, so please read that, if you are interested. Other changes include:

  • Fixed labels on all buttons, centered the rotation slider label.
  • Limited cropbox movements.
  • Fixed to respect cropperOptions.initialAspectRatio.
  • Change the checkered background color, make it semi-transparent.
  • Fixed granular rotation: [-45, 45] instead of [-45, 44].
  • Removed 1px black lines.
  • Made file-editor:cancel event fire when the Image Editor’s “cancel” button is pressed.
Editor semi-transparant checkered background


Dashboard can now automatically discover and install compatible plugins without target option. This lets you use a much more condense syntax:

const uppy = new Uppy()

The old way via .use(ImageEditor, { target: Dashboard }) and .use(Dashboard, { plugins: ['Webcam', 'GoogleDrive'] }) still works, but we encourage you to use the new syntax.

Bug fixes:

  • Remove .uppy-Dashboard-isFixed CSS class when uppy.close() is invoked.
  • When showAddFilesPanel: true, aria-hidden should be the opposite.
  • Don’t cancel all files and Assemblies when clicking “done”.
  • Update Dashboard’s blue color to meet WCAG contrast requirements.


  • Fixed TypeError, fixed uploadURL when using PUT.
  • Pass signal as separate arg for backward compat; pass the uploadURL back to the caller.
  • Refresh file before calling user-defined functions.
  • Made sure we retry signature request.
  • Use uppercase HTTP method names.
  • Call #setCompanionHeaders in setOptions.


One of the most notable changes in Companion is on the client side, we’ve made authentication optional, allowing for more provider types, with publicly accessable links, for example.

In Companion Client we were able to drop the now unnecessary preflight requests, improving upload speeds and latency yet again.

Other notable changes and fixes:

  • Allow dynamic S3 bucket.
  • Companion+client stability fixes, error handling and retries.
  • Catch “invalid initialization vector” instead of crashing.
  • Added Onedrive refresh tokens.
  • Fixed authProvider property inconsistency.
  • Fixed accelerated endpoints for presigned POST.
  • Fixed double tus uploads.
  • Fixed onedrive pagination.
  • Fixed Redis key default TTL.
  • Fixed Uploader.js metadata normalisation.
  • Make CSRF protection helpers available to providers.
  • Refactor getProtectedHttpAgent to make TS happy.
  • Unify redis initialization.
  • Use deferred length for tus streams.
  • Fixed a refresh token race condition.
  • Fixed edge case for pagination on root.
  • Fixed instagram/facebook auth error regression; uploadRemoteFile undefined; ProviderView error on empty plugin.icon.
  • Added getBucket metadata argument.
  • Added missing credentialsURL for box.
  • Added test endpoint for dynamic oauth creds.
  • Added Companion OAuth Key type.
  • Aliased “removeListener” as “off” in Redis emitter.
  • Use user-defined onSuccess, onError, and onProgress callbacks in @uppy/tus.
  • Invoke headers function for remote uploads.
  • Send certain Onedrive errors to the user.
  • Upgraded Node.js docker version.

Frameworks Integraions

  • Angular: upgraded to Angular 16.x.
  • Svelte: Fixed TS build command.
  • Vue: added export for FileInput.


  • Added Catalan locale ca_ES.
  • Added missing translations to de_DE.
  • Update Farsi.


  • Emit assembly progress events.
  • Removed — it’s server-sent events with fallback to polling now.


  • Added Prettier, migrated to Vitest for Uppy core and Uppy plugins.
  • Update after compression, becase format/extension might have changed.
  • use latest Node.js version for tests.
  • Migrate to AWS-SDK V3 syntax.
  • Move remote file upload logic into companion-client.

Happy holidays and see you in 2024!