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· 2 min read
Screenshot of the new Uppy website homepage

We are excited to announce that our new website, documentation and blog are now live out of beta, ready for you to enjoy on! Let us know what you think on twitter.

The first iteration of the Uppy website was built by Artur and Kevin over 7 years ago, using Hexo static site generator as a base. It served us well, but over time Hexo got less maintained, our docs more messy, and quite a few places were collecting dust.

About a year ago Merlijn set on a task to refresh the Uppy documentation experience, rewriting most of the docs from the ground up, with everyone on the team contributing in their area of Uppy knowledge. Docusaurus 🦕 was chosen as one of the top modern tools for documentation.

Screenshot of the Uppy website showing a documentation page with new design

Most of the plugin’s docs now explain when you should use it (and sometimes when not), followed by how to install, tips and details and links to CodeSandbox samples.

And for desert, we now have a swift website-wide search in the top bar, powered by Algolia, give it a go!

Screenshot of the Uppy website showing the search interface

Enjoy the new!

· 3 min read

🎅🐶 Ho-ho-ho, we are about to wrap up another year for Uppy! Three minor releases ago we’ve introduced Uppy 3.0. It’s time to give you an update on what’s been cooking in the Uppy-Transloadit headquarters (besides cranberry sauce) for the past couple of months.

In short: AWS S3 Multipart stability improvements, Single File Mode for the Dashboard, more tests and bugfixes, new locales.

· 7 min read

Screenshot of Uppy 3.0.0 UI

For those new to Uppy, coming from Reddit, Hacker News and Product Hunt today: Uppy is a popular open source file uploader for the browser. Pick files from local disk or camera, remote sources like Instagram, Unsplash, Dropbox etc, record audio and screencasts. Crop and tweak images with the image editor plugin. Supports resumable uploads to a server, AWS S3 (and many others with similar API like DigitalOcean), multipart. Try it!

Uppy is turning three! When you’re counting in dog years – which we most certainly are – that’s 29 already. An age like that signifies proper adulthood. For Uppy, this means it’s ready to stay loyal, but without the silly mistakes (read: bugs). Uppy also underwent (ESM) surgery to keep it strolling by your side in the current ecosystem, and received other behavioral improvements 🐶

· 4 min read

We’re always looking for opportunities to teach Uppy cool new tricks, and the past few months have been no exception. Since our most recent post in December, Uppy has continued to receive a steady stream of updates. This post covers all the improvements made in Uppy versions 2.4 through 2.7. Changes and additions include: image compression, improved Transloadit rate limiting and a lighter Dashboard plugin. We’ve also moved our end-to-end tests to Cypress, and are slowly converting plugins to ES modules (ESM).

Uppy Compressor plugin showing compressed images notification

· 6 min read

Last Christmas, we gave you Uppy 1.24, but this very next year, we’ll take it away (since it’s outdated by now) and give you a brand-new Uppy 2.3 🎁!

After the release of our latest major version, 2.0.0, we’ve been busy with many things. First of all is the long-awaited Audio plugin to record and upload live audio directly. We then worked on adding a fast and efficient streaming interface to Companion and made Unsplash production ready. Housekeeping was also part of the job: we made Status Bar improvements, moved from npm to Yarn 3, did some refactoring, and updated dependencies.

Last but not least, we got the issue count down from around 110 since 2.0.0 to around 45 now.

· 9 min read

Today, our tails are positively wagging with excitement about the release of Uppy 2.0! This latest version is on average 25% smaller and up to a thousand times faster, thanks to dropping support for IE11 and a lot of refactoring work. We’ve upgraded many dependencies, most notably Preact 8 to Preact X, greatly improved TypeScript support and screen reader accessibility, paid technical debt, and added support for multiple messages in the Informer plugin.

Chow down on all the juicy bits and pieces inside! And make sure to try Uppy live demo.

Uppy 2.0 cover banner

· 3 min read

In Uppy 1.29, we’ve revamped the Golden Retriever plugin with support for partially recovered “ghost” files, added a disableLocalFiles option to the Dashboard, enabled the ability to preview webcam videos before submitting and provided an uppy.logout() method, along with an assortment of Companion improvements.