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New and docs

Β· 2 min read
Screenshot of the new Uppy website homepage

We are excited to announce that our new website, documentation and blog are now live out of beta, ready for you to enjoy on! Let us know what you think on twitter.

The first iteration of the Uppy website was built by Artur and Kevin over 7 years ago, using Hexo static site generator as a base. It served us well, but over time Hexo got less maintained, our docs more messy, and quite a few places were collecting dust.

About a year ago Merlijn set on a task to refresh the Uppy documentation experience, rewriting most of the docs from the ground up, with everyone on the team contributing in their area of Uppy knowledge. Docusaurus πŸ¦• was chosen as one of the top modern tools for documentation.

Screenshot of the Uppy website showing a documentation page with new design

Most of the plugin’s docs now explain when you should use it (and sometimes when not), followed by how to install, tips and details and links to CodeSandbox samples.

And for desert, we now have a swift website-wide search in the top bar, powered by Algolia, give it a go!

Screenshot of the Uppy website showing the search interface

Enjoy the new!