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Uppy 1.23: Vue.js, Box, Done button and cloud file restrictions

Uppy 1.23 brings Vue.js components 💥, Box file service support, a “Done” button for the Status Bar + Dashboard, and a better cloud file restrictions UI.

Vue.js Uppy code sample


We’ve had Uppy React components available for quite some time now. With the increasing popularity of Vue.js library, we’re proud to announce it’s now much easier to use Uppy with Vue, thanks to the amazing work by Andrew Kachnic:

npm install @uppy/vue
  <div id="app">
    <dashboard :uppy="uppy" :plugins="['Webcam']"/>

import { Dashboard } from '@uppy/vue'

import '@uppy/core/dist/style.css'
import '@uppy/dashboard/dist/style.css'

import Uppy from '@uppy/core'
import Webcam from '@uppy/webcam'

export default {
  name: 'App',
  components: {
  computed: {
    uppy: () => new Uppy().use(Webcam)
  beforeDestroy () {

@uppy/vue package provides components for all of the most popular Uppy UI plugins:

  • <dashboard /> - renders an inline @uppy/dashboard
  • <dashboard-modal /> - renders a @uppy/dashboard modal
  • <drag-drop /> - renders a @uppy/drag-drop area
  • <progress-bar /> - renders a @uppy/progress-bar
  • <status-bar /> - renders a @uppy/status-bar

Check out the Vue documentation for details.

Angular and Svelte support is on our list next.

Cloud File Restrictions

Dropbox, Instagram, Google Drive and other cloud providers now immediately gray out files that won’t pass Uppy restrictions set by the developer:

Google Drive restrictions example

Instagram restrictions example

Done Button

If doneButtonHandler option is passed to the Status Bar plugin, it will render a “Done” button in place of Pause/Resume/Cancel buttons, once the upload/encoding is done. The behaviour of the “Done” button is defined by the handler function — can be used to close file picker modals or clear the upload state.

Status Bar Done button UI

By default the Done button will close the Dashboard modal window and reset Uppy state.

Box File Provider

Thanks to @cartfisk Uppy gains support for Box file service. You can add try it out by doing npm install @uppy/box and upgrading @uppy/companion to the latest version.

Bragging moment, here’s what @cartfish had to say about Uppy:

Hope this is useful! Hats off to the awesome React integration, easy contribution workflow, helpful docs, and readable, clean code. 10/10.

Image Editor Optional Buttons

@uppy/image-editor plugin got support for optional buttons — you can choose to hide or show just the ones you need — crop, rotate, square, landscape, etc. Thanks, @lamartire!

See new actions property in the Image Editor’s options.


  • @uppy/robodog: Update addTransloaditPlugin.js to include missing configurable Transloadit plugin options (#2612 / @ethanwillis)
  • @uppy/core: add uppy.opts.infoTimeout (#2619 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/onedrive: fix OneDrive for Business (#2536 / @szh)
  • @uppy/image-editor: show “edit” icon even when metaFields are not specified (#2614 / @arturi)
  • test: added test DeepFrozenStore with deepFreeze to try and assert that state in not mutated anywhere by accident (#2607 / @arturi)
  • build: switched from Travis to GitHub Actions (@goto-bus-stop)

As always, you can find the full list of changes and package versions, as well as future plans, in our changelog.