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Uppy 4.0 is here: TypeScript rewrite, Google Photos, React hooks, and much more.

Uppy 1.6: setOptions(), Icelandic and Thai

· 2 min read

This release adds a long-awaited uppy.setOptions() API, allowing you to update options of Uppy and its plugins on the fly. It also includes locales for the Icelandic and Thai languages!


.setOptions() for Uppy and its plugins supports most options that can be easily changed on the fly: restrictions, locale, Dashboard’s note and metaFields, disableThumbnailGenerator, showProgressDetails, etc.

⚠️ Note that some options like target, limit and id cannot be changed on the fly, as internal statefull things depend on them.

Here’s how the magic works:

const uppy = Uppy({
restrictions: {
maxNumberOfFiles: 3,
uppy.use(Dashboard, {
note: 'You can upload up to 3 files',

Now, based on some condition in our app, we want to allow more files:

// Updating Uppy options
restrictions: {
maxNumberOfFiles: 5,
// Updating Dashboard options
.setOptions({ note: 'You can upload up to 5 files' });

Say, later on, the user changed their locale and we would like to reflect that in Uppy:

const fi_FI = require('@uppy/locales/lib/fi_FI');

locale: fi_FI,

Now, Uppy will bark in Finnish! Hau, hau, hau!

Please see uppy.setOptions() docs for details.


  • @uppy/facebook: In the new Facebook plugin (beta), we now use grid view with big image previews for albums (@ifedapoolarewaju, #1886)
  • @uppy/companion: The thumbnail size has been increased for Dropbox (@ifedapoolarewaju, #1917)
  • @uppy/dashboard: The retry icons have been fixed on individual files (@goto-bus-stop, #1888)
  • @uppy/companion: Support COMPANION_AWS_ENDPOINT in aws-companion example so it can be used with other S3-compatible services (@goto-bus-stop, 1ab63aa)
  • @uppy/companion: Add S3 useAccelerateEndpoint option (@steverob, #1884)
  • @uppy/companion: only set Access-Control-Allow-Credentials header when origin is whitelisted (@ifedapoolarewaju, #1901)
  • @uppy/transloadit: We now send Transloadit-Client header with HTTP API requests (@goto-bus-stop, #1919)
  • @uppy/tus: Uploads are now being terminated when cancelling, instead of just pausing and letting them expire (@ifedapoolarewaju, #1909)
  • build: Updated Lerna, ESlint, and Jest (@goto-bus-stop)

As always, you can find the full list of changes and package versions, as well as future plans, in our changelog.