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30 Days to Liftoff: Day 24

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Only six days remain in our ‘30 Days to Liftoff’ blog post challenge toward releasing Uppy 1.0 on April 25. Technically, it’s even less than that, seeing as Easter is coming up and we won’t be doing much work during the holidays. So, with just three working days left, we are starting to feel the heat. :fire:

Luckily, we’re also very close to reaching all of our release goals. Let’s take a look at where we are now!

  • Evgenia has made some great progress on improving the drag to upload state for the Uppy Dashboard in a variety of browsers. We are also considering adding more MIME types later, to report types correctly even when browser fail at it and give file previews their own unique icons.

  • Alex’s design facelift was completed after some testing by Artur. Take a look at some of the improvements below:

  • Tim will be spending today thoroughly testing Uppy in preparation for the upcoming release. We think just about everything is working, so now it’s time for someone to try and break it all! :hammer: Slight warning: we’re in the process of making some big behind-the-scenes changes, so there may be some issues that crop up on our webpage.

  • Uppy 0.30.5 will be released by Artur today. One of the main changes here is our name change from the serverUrl property to companionUrl. A simple check is being added and we will notify users that it has been depreceated, so they have ample time to apply the change to their own code.

  • An alpha version of React Native support was merged into our Uppy master branch on Github. We’re confident that our initial release will be useful for those who need a basic implementation. Of course, our React Native development will continue as we go forth, so stay tuned for that.

  • Ife and Marius continue their work on large-file issues related to React Native and tus-js-client. They are considering to add a tus option to allow React Native developers to pass their own custom file picker module. This would add some flexibility for developers and prevent us from bloating tus-js-client.

  • Error reporting for the Transloadit plugin will be worked on by Renée. This will ensure users are notified of various issues while utilizing the API, such as connection issues.

Thus ends Day 24. We’re all taking an early break for Good Friday tomorrow and we hope you’ll have a Good one as well! Check us out on Twitter and on RSS as we edge closer to Uppy 1.0 :dog: