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Drag & Drop

The @uppy/drag-drop plugin renders a simple drag and drop area for file selection. it can be useful when you only want the local device as a file source, don’t need file previews and a UI for metadata editing, and the Dashboard feels like overkill.

const DragDrop = require('@uppy/drag-drop')

uppy.use(DragDrop, {
  // Options

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This plugin is published as the @uppy/drag-drop package.

Install from NPM:

npm install @uppy/drag-drop

In the CDN package, it is available on the Uppy global object:

const DragDrop = Uppy.DragDrop


The @uppy/drag-drop plugin includes some simple styles, like shown in the example. You can also choose not to use it and provide your own styles instead.

import '@uppy/core/dist/style.css'
import '@uppy/drag-drop/dist/style.css'

Import general Core styles from @uppy/core/dist/style.css first, then add the Drag & Drop styles from @uppy/drag-drop/dist/style.css. A minified version is also available as style.min.css at the same path. The way to do import depends on your build system.


The @uppy/drag-drop plugin has the following configurable options:

uppy.use(DragDrop, {
  target: null,
  width: '100%',
  height: '100%',
  note: null,
  locale: {}

Note that certain restrictions set in Uppy’s main options, namely maxNumberOfFiles and allowedFileTypes, affect the system file picker dialog. If maxNumberOfFiles: 1, users will only be able to select one file, and allowedFileTypes: ['video/*', '.gif'] means only videos or gifs (files with .gif extension) will be selectable.

id: 'DragDrop'

A unique identifier for this plugin. It defaults to 'DragDrop'. Use this if you need to add multiple DragDrop instances.

target: null

DOM element, CSS selector, or plugin to place the drag and drop area into.

width: '100%'

Drag and drop area width, set in inline CSS, so feel free to use percentage, pixels or other values that you like.

height: '100%'

Drag and drop area height, set in inline CSS, so feel free to use percentage, pixels or other values that you like.

note: null

Optionally, specify a string of text that explains something about the upload for the user. This is a place to explain any restrictions that are put in place. For example: 'Images and video only, 2–3 files, up to 1 MB'.

locale: {}

Localize text that is shown to the user.

The default English strings are:

strings: {
  // Text to show on the droppable area.
  // `%{browse}` is replaced with a link that opens the system file selection dialog.
  dropHereOr: 'Drop here or %{browse}',
  // Used as the label for the link that opens the system file selection dialog.
  browse: 'browse'