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The @uppy/form plugin has several features to integrate with HTML <form> elements.

  • It collects user-specified metadata from form fields, right before Uppy begins uploading/processing files.
  • It can append upload results back to the form as a hidden field. Currently the appended result is a stringified version of a result returned from uppy.upload() or complete event.
const Form = require('@uppy/form')

uppy.use(Form, {
  // Options


This plugin is published as the @uppy/form package.

Install from NPM:

npm install @uppy/form

In the CDN package, it is available on the Uppy global object:

const Form = Uppy.Form


The @uppy/form plugin has the following configurable options:

uppy.use(Form, {
  target: null,
  resultName: 'uppyResult',
  getMetaFromForm: true,
  addResultToForm: true,
  multipleResults: false,
  submitOnSuccess: false,
  triggerUploadOnSubmit: false

id: 'Form'

A unique identifier for this plugin. It defaults to 'Form'.

target: null

DOM element or CSS selector for the form element. This is required for the plugin to work.

resultName: 'uppyResult'

The name attribute for the <input type="hidden"> where the result will be added.

getMetaFromForm: true

Configures whether or not to extract metadata from the form. When set to true, the Form plugin will extract all fields from a <form> element before upload begins. Those fields will then be added to global uppy.state.meta and each file’s meta, and appended as (meta)data to the upload in an object with [file input name attribute] -> [file input value] key/values.

addResultToForm: true

Configures whether or not to add upload/encoding results back to the form in an <input name="uppyResult" type="hidden"> element.

multipleResults: false

By default, the Form plugin will replace the value of <input type="hidden"> it adds with the result (if addResultToForm is enabled) on each upload / complete event. This behavior can be confusing, because if a user uploads a file and then adds another, only the last result will end up in the hidden input and submitted to your server.

Setting multipleResults: true turns the value of <input type="hidden"> into an array and appends each result from complete event to it. Since this is likely the desired default behavior in most cases, it will be made default in the next major release of Uppy, the option is kept for backwards compatability.

triggerUploadOnSubmit: false

Configures whether or not to start the upload when the form is submitted. When the user presses a submit button, this will prevent form submission, and instead upload files. You can then:

  • use submitOnSuccess: true if you need the form to actually be submitted once all files have been uploaded.
  • listen for uppy.on('complete') to do something else if the file uploads are all you need. For example, if the form is used for file metadata only.

submitOnSuccess: false

Configures whether or not to submit the form after Uppy finishes uploading/encoding.