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Uppy 1.30: Angular integration, granular image rotation, Google Drive shortcuts

Uppy 1.30 introduces the long-awaited Angular integration (beta), granular image rotation and Google Drive shortcuts.

Angular integration

Uppy now has an official Angular integration! It’s still in beta, so please try it out and do let us know how we can improve through Twitter or GitHub. The original draft implementation was made by Adam Medford, then finalized, polished and brought to release today by Andrew Kachnic 👏

npm install @uppy/angular
// app.component.ts

import { Component } from '@angular/core'
import { Uppy } from '@uppy/core'

  selector: 'app-root',
export class AppComponent {
  uppy: Uppy = new Uppy({ debug: true, autoProceed: true })
<!--- app.component.html -->

<uppy-dashboard [uppy]='uppy'>

The following plugins are available as Angular component wrappers:

  • <uppy-dashboard />
  • <uppy-drag-drop />
  • <uppy-progress-bar />
  • <uppy-status-bar />

See the Angular docs for more details.

Granular image rotation

@uppy/image-editor plugin received a new option granularRotate: true that allows for granular image rotation: be it 12° or 59° — just adjust the slider to your liking.

Google Drive Shortcuts

Google Drive shortcuts, much like in a desktop OS, are pointers to files or folders that can be stored in another folder or drive. Uppy now supports shortcuts – you will see them alongside your usual files and folders.


  • @uppy/react: allowed HTML attributes to be passed via props (#2891 / @ajkachnic)
  • @uppy/drag-drop: Expose drag-drop events (#2914 / @Murderlon)
  • @uppy/companion: add logClientVersion option (#2855 / @mifi)
  • build: Fix eslint uppy package imports (#2915 / @Murderlon)

See the changelog for more details.


Download Uppy 1.30 Bundle

Or include from CDN. Note that it’s highly recommended to pick and choose specific Uppy plugins that you need, and install them with npm or yarn. This is because the bundle includes all Uppy plugins at once.