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Day 30

ยท 3 min read

And then there were none! Zero days left in our thirty-day blog post challenge. I can't believe this is already the final day of our push to get Uppy to 1.0. There's still a bunch of things that we'd like to finish before shipping, so let's dive right in.

  • Tim added additional information to the migration guide, so Transloadit customers looking to move from the jQuery SDK to Uppy Robodog will have an easier time doing so. He also implemented support for a jQuery SDK parameter that didn't work in Robodog.form yet, and smashed out the German Locale Pack!

  • Abdel translated Uppy to French.

  • Artur documented the Thumbnail Generator plugin and made a few more hardcoded English strings translatable via Locale Packs. For instance, we can even translate "Powered By" now

We also had a team call where we discussed which To Do's we can leave behind for the launch, and which ones we'd really like to get in. To save time for actually working on these tasks, instead of typing, let me share a screenshot of what we agreed upon:

It's gonna be a close call. Ife, especially, has a lot on his plate with that "600MB issue" still untackled, but we did get Marius on board with the way we want to solve it, so now it's full steam ahead.

Before I'm going back to the team and help out where I can, I'd like to thank you for reading along with us for these past thirty days. To be honest, at times, we regretted making this commitment.

A post a day can steal focus, but we learned a lot. It quickly became clear that in order to set ourselves up for success, we needed to plan ahead and establish some basic rules. Strict deadlines, for instance, helped out a lot: the first iteration needed to be in before lunch, with a second one done shortly after lunch. Otherwise, folks would end up working overtime or even on the next day, when it was already time for the next post.

Luckily, we had our content team to take ownership of the whole process and keep these distractions away from the Uppy core team as much as possible. In the end, we really enjoyed sharing our development process with the world and giving interested developers a better understanding of what we're trying to accomplish, and how.

We hope to see you tomorrow again for our 1.0 launch, which will be accompanied by a meaty release post! Make sure to follow us on Twitter or via our RSS feed if you don't want to miss it!