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30 Days to Liftoff: Day 18

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Hi! You’re reading our ‘30 Days to Liftoff’ blog post challenge about the launch of Uppy 1.0 on April 25. Here’s what we’ve been up to since yesterday’s progress update.

  • Ife addressed all of Marius’ feedback towards having React-Native-compatible fingerprinting in tus-js-client.

  • Artur and Alex had a call where they discussed Alex’s design improvements, and Alex’s Design Facelift PR is now ready to be reviewed and merged :tada:

  • Artur iterated on Samuel’s XHR backend examples.

  • Ife, Artur, Alex and Marius are chasing down an issue where appending form fields is causing 423 responses from tusd. Marius already pushed out a number of fixes as a result and released a new version of tus-js-client (1.7.1).

  • Artur and Kevin paired up to create a new structure for Locale Packs. The en_US locale is now generated from whatever strings where used in Uppy’s plugins, so other languages can use it as a reference. There will also be reporting on unused strings.

  • Evgenia continues to charge at fixing Drag & Drop issues, and Renée is working on making the Robodog Dashboard work inline (as well as a popup).

Hope you’ll have a great weekend and see you on Monday for another real update on the 1.0 launch preparations! We’ll of course also have a few more light-hearted posts in the meantime for you, so be sure to check those out as well :slightly_smiling_face: Keep tabs on @uppy_io or RSS for more Uppy updates!