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30 Days to Liftoff: Day 17

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It’s day 17 already of our ‘30 Days to Liftoff’ blog post challenge and the launch of Uppy 1.0 on April 25 is coming closer by the day. The Uppy team is dealing with the big tasks now, so the updates might seem a little scant!


  • Alex updated the focus styles on the Uppy Dashboard, making it look quite a bit sleeker than it did before. Here’s a before and after view of the Dashboard focus styles:



In Progress

  • Artur is reviewing PRs, reporting errors and testing Uppy in response to the team’s feedback.

  • Alex continues improving Uppy’s UI and has recently been refactoring CSS code, while Evgenia keeps charging at the many accessibility issues that are still open.

  • Evgenia is also working on the new drag/drop implementation, which will include a new Drop Here placeholder and not experience any flickering. And as if that weren’t enough, she is having a go at drop folder support for cross-browser compatibility as well, so that it won’t be relying on DOM manipulation in our Preact components.

  • Ife is updating this PR, which deals with supporting resumability for Node.js environments.

That’s all from us today. As I mentioned, we are now focusing on the big tasks and as a result, our daily list of updates might sometimes be a little shorter than usual. Remember to keep tabs on our Twitter or RSS for more Uppy updates. Day 18 is coming up next!