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30 Days to Liftoff: Day 15

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:musical_note: Woah, we’re halfway there! Take our paw, we’ll make it we swear! :notes: That’s fifteen down and fifteen more to go. Great to have you along for the ride as we move ever closer towards launching Uppy 1.0 on April 25.

Let’s see what is Uppy today!

Weekly project board update

We had our weekly call yesterday, during which we re-evaluated the Uppy 1.0 project board. We were able to move a few tasks to the Done lane and got some new tasks In Progress. One of the features we’re ready to start working on - which I am particularly interested in - is language pack support. Uppy 1.0 might be coming out in your local language! While we only have the capacity within our team to take care of a select few languages (English, French, Russian, Ukrainian, German, and Dutch) we will support as many as possible and hope that the community will add many more.

Here is a view of what our Asana board looks like this week:


  • Evgenia investigated an issue concerning a bug in Webkit browsers that resulted in the window blinking frequently.

  • Samuel added another example for using Uppy with XHR uploads to a PHP backend.

In Progress

  • Renée is working on the Robodog Dashboard, so that it can also be depicted right inside the webpage, instead of showing as a modal popup window.

  • Evgenia is focused on improving accessibility together with Alex, who found many issues that we still need to fix in this area.

  • Artur is currently working on a React Native example UI. We will update you once it is ready!

  • Alex is also still actively working on making design improvements for Uppy. You can follow his progress here.

And that’s Day 15! Tyler will be here again tomorrow to give you more updates on our launch preparations. Subscribe via Twitter or RSS, so you’ll never miss out!