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30 Days to Liftoff: Day 9

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The entire team is starting to get into its groove as the Uppy channel in our Slack workspace is looking livelier than ever. Let’s dive straight into Day 9 of our 30 Days to Liftoff!

Everyone is moving at a comfortable pace, working on the various In Progress cards sitting neatly on our Uppy board, so here’s a quick update on the progress towards Uppy 1.0, coming April 25!


Tasks completed by the team since yesterday’s update include:

  • Our React Native team (that’s Artur, Ife, and Kevin) has been working together most of the day and gave an update on the current completed features for implementing Uppy support. Here’s a list of completed tasks directly from the team:

    • Make the ‘Import from URL’ example work in RN
    • Give it its own UI, (re)written for RN
    • Make websocket progress from Companion work (see: https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/network#websocket-support)
    • Have an example with buttons for resumability and a progress bar
    • Have 20 min resumability support, proof that fingerprinting works for different local file uploads, fix it if not
  • A feature was submitted by Andrew Shini that involving checking for existing uploads before uploading anything, which has been necessary for his custom dashboard. Artur and Renée will be reviewing it. A big thank you to the open source community for making contributions!

In Progress

Meanwhile, on the progress side of things:

  • Abdel has started working on a Glitch demo involving Companion, so users can have an even easier time utilizing our services. He’s also working on fixing up the Serverless example (running Companion on AWS Lambda) which was once contributed by the community but hasn’t been workin for a long time :scream:

  • Renée is going to spend the day on getting Transloadit Assemblies to actually cancel when the Cancel button in the UI is pressed. As it stands, the upload cancels, but the Assembly keeps running until it eventually times out by itself.

  • Tim has started working on fixing an API problem that caused one of our end-to-end tests to intermittently fail and eventually turn off entirely.

  • Finally, the React Native team has already completed an impressive amount of tasks, but they aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Development marches on as the team begins tackling the following tasks:

    • Add basic file preview to react native example. Can use file.uri for images, can use icons for file.type===video/audio/document (Artur Paikin)
    • Release Uppy (add inline customFingerPrint & AsyncStorage for now, we’ll remove customFingerPrint later, once tus-js-client is in good shape) (Artur Paikin)
    • Test fingerprinting for Audio, Document (Artur Paikin)
    • Add customFingerPrint & hashCode into Ife’s tus-js-client branch, add tests, get it into shape for Marius to review (Ifedapo Olarewaju)

Come Thursday, they’ll be having another call to discuss their completed work so far and map out the remaining RN tasks from there. I’m looking forward to sharing more details on that call soon!

The first third of our thirty-day challenge ends tomorrow with Day 10. Look forward to more updates (and pictures of dogs in space) tomorrow and, as usual, don’t forget about our RSS feed :dog: