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30 Days to Liftoff: Day 8

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Welcome to Day 8 of our ongoing thirty-day blog post challenge toward the Uppy 1.0 release on April 25! Yesterday was the 1st of April, but we had no time for fooling around! The entire team was present for our weekly call, which was again fully dedicated to discussing Uppy progress.

During the call, a lot of cards were moved from the To Do lane into the In Progress lane — and some are even already Done. We also added a few New tasks mostly related to language packs for Uppy, where we’ll be asking our own team members to update a locale of their own language. We hope other languages will be picked up by the community!

This is what our board currently looks like:

Let’s take a look at the updates we can share with you today.


  • Artur merged this PR which removed the use of window.location from Companion’s client, courtesy of Ife.
  • Alex improved the design of the drag-to-upload stage.



In Progress

  • We are currently investigating an issue with tus-js-client, which affects uploads where the file size is larger than 500MB. Artur is now trying to execute a 600MB upload and then see if it crashes. After that, he will set chunkSize, test the upload again, and report back his findings so we can evaluate our next steps.

  • We are also doing more research on tus-js-client fingerprints. Since these are identical for each file on React Native, the team is figuring out how to properly identify files on that platform, because the standard file properties that tus-js-client relies on are not available.

  • We have our first WIP screenshot for the React Native implementation:

  • Abdel is busy fixing the serverless examples where WebSockets are terminated when Uppy is deployed to Lambda

  • Evgenia is working on applying for Browserstack‘s open source program, so we can hopefully test Uppy even more and make sure that 1.0 is without any issues.

  • Ife is writing tests for the implementation of the tus-js-client URL storage.

That’s all the updates I have for you today. See you tomorrow for Day 9 of our 30 Days to Liftoff!

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