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30 Days to Liftoff: Day 4

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Today marks the fourth day of our ongoing thirty-day blog post challenge, giving you an overview of all the progress building up to our Uppy 1.0 release on April 25!


We haven’t even hit April 1 yet and the ‘Done’ section of the project dashboard is already getting plenty of love! Today, Alex finished designing a specialized header for visitors of Uppy.io and Tus.io to inform them about the discount on Transloadit services they can receive :wink:

Adbel started a dialogue with the team regarding Docker secrets, seeing as an issue about this was reported. He decided that the best course of action was to follow the Kubernetes best practices and add a Secret resource to contain the environment variables.

In Progress

One of the more exciting updates of this day was also contributed by Alex, with his impressive pre-alpha sketch of a new homepage for Uppy. Despite only being a work in progress, the entire team has been overjoyed with how it’s turning out! Take a look for yourself (click to see the full page):

Ife has been focused on fixing hanging Instagram files uploaded through Companion and our content team’s own Samuel added examples for handling uploads in Node.js, and in Python (using the Flask microframework).

And that’s Day 4 complete! Catch up with us tomorrow, as we take this thing into our first weekend of the 30 Days to Liftoff! And of course, if you want to keep yourself constantly updated, feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed :smile: