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Day 3

· 3 min read

Two days ago, we announced the upcoming launch of Uppy 1.0 on April 25, kicking off our thirty-day blog post challenge to keep you updated on everything that is going on. Here's day three for you!

We're still mostly busy tying up any remaining loose ends before April 1, when we'll really start our coding speedrun towards 1.0:


Artur merged two pull requests from Renée. The first one aims to use Transloadit Templates and demo keys for the transloadit-textarea example, and the second one makes error reporting across different locales more flexible.

Artur also added a GitHub-comment-inspired demo. Add a file attachment to your markdown, and it will be uploaded and converted to a thumbnail that's displayed inside your post, no matter the media type (audio turns into artwork, images are resized, videos thumbnailed, etc.).

Ife reviewed and merged this pull request, which updates the callback URIs to reflect their correct location in Companion. Thanks to HughbertD for that one!

We also celebrated Evgenia submitting her first two PRs: one to make sure that tooltips can no longer overflow inside the Uppy container, and another that removes the jumpiness when Uppy loads.

In Progress

Renée is working hard to fix outdated warnings in our examples. Other than that, the team has been dealing with a Companion issue that invalid access tokens are given out when you select a provider to receive your file from. The aim is to return 401 for invalid access tokens, so that the /authorized endpoint can be deprecated. You can track the progress of this issue in its pull request.

To Do

The biggest update that will be part of Uppy 1.0 is support for React Native. Yesterday, Renée, Artur, Ife, Evgenia and Kevin had a call and talked extensively about what would be needed to have a minimum viable product. They settled on the following six subtasks, which I'm copying directly from their notes: :)

MVP for React Native support should:

- [ ] get a link provider example to work, including showing Companion progress
and resumability
- [ ] get its own UI, (re)written for RN
- [ ] make websocket progress from Companion work (see:
- [ ] have an example with buttons for resumability & a progress bar
- [ ] have resumability support within 20 min (easily tested by disabling WiFi
on your workstation while uploading to
- [ ] have an example with basic file previews (Uppy RN itself likely does not
offer previews)

That's all the updates I have for you today. See you tomorrow for Day 4 of our 30 Days to Liftoff!

P.S. If you don't want to miss an update, consider good ol' RSS :)