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Uppy 0.9: Making Progress, then pause & resume. Remote file uploads, Informer.

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We have just released Uppy 0.9.0. This release features some changes that we think you will be very excited about. Let's see what's new!

Ability to pause uploads, progress indicators & ETAโ€‹

The most visible feature that has been added is the ability to pause and resume file uploads.

dashboard UI with paused uploads dashboard UI with files uploading and a pause all button

The upload dashboard now contains more information about uploads, such as the time remaining until an upload is finished. We have also added circular progress indicators to give better visual feedback on an upload's progress.

Remote file uploadsโ€‹

Remote file uploading is now working again.

Informer interfaceโ€‹

We have added a new Informer plugin (tested with Dashboard, should also work anywhere else) that listens to informer events, like so:

bus.emit('informer', message, type, duration);

and displays a message bubble for a certain amount of time. It will be useful to notify you when the internet connection is (a licky boom-boom) down (or back up):

info: no connection

Or when Uppy has successfully uploaded your files:

info: upload successful

Webcam: Say Cheese!โ€‹

The Webcam plugin can now take snapshots and add them to the file dashboard in Uppy's modal. We have also added Flash support for Safari/IE users. The UI has also been cleaned up in the dashboard. We have temporarily disabled video recording in order to focus on rolling out the snapshot feature.

Under the hood: UI refactorsโ€‹

Under the hood, we have made some changes to how the UI is structured. We are taking a more componentized approach. For example, the rendering of Google Drive's UI has been separated into multiple smaller components that can be found in the plugins/GoogleDrive folder.

Release Notesโ€‹

Here is the full list of changes for version 0.9.0.:

We hope you will enjoy this latest release. Uppy is still improving every day and we hope to bring you more news about our progress soon!

The Uppy Team