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Uppy Support Options

Transloadit is providing Uppy free of charge. If you want, you can self-host all its components and never pay us a dime. You can access docs and tests, and your Bug Reports and Feature Requests are always welcome on GitHub.

We offer also a different category of support that we like to call Integration Help: help to make things work for your environment, that have already been reported as working for the larger community.

As much as we at Transloadit would like to provide detailed Integration Help to every non-paying user, Uppy has reached a point where this is no longer sustainable for our small crew. If we end up investing our time in a million different apps that use Uppy, as long as no money is flowing back, we won’t be able to ramp up our team to meet the demand. This would spread the team ever thinner and eventually grind development to a halt.

That is not where we want to be. So, to offer enthusiasts, businesses, and enterprises help in a sustainable way, we’re providing community-based Integration Help for free at https://community.transloadit.com/c/uppy. If you are unable to solve your problem with help of the Uppy community, we offer paid Integration Help via https://transloadit.com/open-source/support/.

This approach is new, we may make changes as we learn. Here are the current options in detail:

Silver and up
included with all Transloadit Plans,
which start at $49/mo
Enterprise addons,
starting at $1499/mo
Bug Reports GitHub GitHub GitHub
Feature Requests GitHub GitHub GitHub & Transloadit
Integration Help Community Community & Transloadit Community & Transloadit
Support on Uppy client best effort General Guidance Guidance based on your use case and circumstances, code & operational reviews
Support on Transloadit-hosted Companion & Tus best effort General Guidance Guidance based on your use case and circumstances, code & operational reviews
Support on self-hosted Companion & Tus best effort - yes
Access to Transloadit-hosted Companion & Tus yes (with a free Transloadit Community plan) yes yes
Access to Transloadit’s encoding features yes 10GB included 0GB - unlimited
Guaranteed response times within office hours - <= 3 days <= 8h - 32h
1-on-1 access to core developers - 1h 1h - 20h
Health & Status - Access to Personal Transloadit Dashboard Access to Personal Transloadit Dashboard. Proactive monitoring & notifications
Support for non-current releases - - 0 - 10 releases back

If you want to apply for:

Afterwards, you can contact Support, announcing your account’s email address.