Status Bar Example

The StatusBar plugin shows detailed upload/processing progress with pause/resume/cancel buttons.

Console output (latest logs are at the top):

On this page we're using the following HTML snippet:

<!-- Basic Uppy styles -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/uppy/uppy.min.css">

<div class="grid">
  <div class="column-full">
    <div class="UppyInput"></div>
    <div class="UppyInput-Progress"></div>

Along with this JavaScript:

const Uppy = require('@uppy/core')
const FileInput = require('@uppy/file-input')
const StatusBar = require('@uppy/status-bar')
const Tus = require('@uppy/tus')

const uppyOne = new Uppy({debug: true, autoProceed: true})
  .use(FileInput, { target: '.UppyInput', pretty: false })
  .use(Tus, { endpoint: '' })
  .use(StatusBar, {
    target: '.UppyInput-Progress',
    hideUploadButton: true,
    hideAfterFinish: false

Please see documentation for details.

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