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Dashboard Example

Dashboard is the full-featured UI for Uppy that shows nice file previews and upload progress, lets you edit metadata, and unites acquire plugins, such as Google Drive and Webcam, under one roof.

Console output:

On this page we're using the following JavaScript snippet:

Note: in this snippet we've omitted the code to toggle options using checkboxes. The behavior of this code may be different from the above example depending on which options you've selected.
import Uppy, { debugLogger } from '@uppy/core'
import Dashboard from '@uppy/dashboard'
import RemoteSources from '@uppy/google-drive'
import ImageEditor from '@uppy/image-editor'
import Form from '@uppy/form'
import Webcam from '@uppy/webcam'
import Audio from '@uppy/audio'
import ScreenCapture from '@uppy/screen-capture'
import Tus from '@uppy/tus'
import DropTarget from '@uppy/drop-target'
import Compressor from '@uppy/compressor'

import "@uppy/core/dist/style.css"
import "@uppy/dashboard/dist/style.css"
import "@uppy/audio/dist/style.css"
import "@uppy/screen-capture/dist/style.css"
import "@uppy/image-editor/dist/style.css"

const COMPANION_URL = "http://companion.uppy.io"
const COMPANION_ALLOWED_HOSTS = ['https://my-site.com']

const uppy = new Uppy({ logger: debugLogger })
  // The main UI that shows files, progress and holds all plugins
  .use(Dashboard, {
    target: '.DashboardContainer',
    inline: true,
    height: 470,
    metaFields: [
      { id: 'name', name: 'Name', placeholder: 'file name' },
      { id: 'caption', name: 'Caption', placeholder: 'add description' },
    note: 'Images and video only, 2–3 files, up to 1 MB',
  // All remote services like Instagram and Google Drive in one package
  .use(RemoteSources, {
    // You can manually specify `sources` here, by default all available are included. 
    // See docs: https://uppy.io/docs/remote-sources/#sources.
    companionUrl: COMPANION_URL,
    companionAllowedHosts: COMPANION_ALLOWED_HOSTS,
  .use(Webcam, { target: Dashboard })
  .use(Audio, { target: Dashboard, showRecordingLength: true })
  .use(ScreenCapture, { target: Dashboard })
  .use(Form, { target: '#upload-form' })
  .use(ImageEditor, { target: Dashboard })
  // Allow dropping files on any element or the whole document
  .use(DropTarget, { target: document.body })
  // Optimize images
  // Upload
  .use(Tus, { endpoint: 'https://tusd.tusdemo.net/files/' })

uppy.on('complete', result => {
  console.log('successful files:', result.successful)
  console.log('failed files:', result.failed)

Please see documentation for details.

Hey there stranger! Uppy is actively developed and the example section is our playground. Things might not work, but we're working hard to improve.

We're on a monthly release cycle and our latest version is v3.4.0, but the example pages reflect the latest work in our main branch. Here's what changed in main since v3.4.0 in terms of commits, while the CHANGELOG provides a higher level view of the things planned for our next release.

Files from the examples are uploaded to our test servers and deleted every 24-72 hours.