Robodog: Form API

Add resumable uploads and Transloadit’s processing to your existing HTML upload forms. Selected files will be uploaded to Transloadit, and the Assembly information will be submitted to your form endpoint.

<form id="myForm" method="POST" action="/upload">
  <input type="file" multiple>

transloadit.form('form#myForm', {
  params: {
    auth: { key: '' },
    template_id: ''

When the user submits the form, we intercept it and send the files to Transloadit instead. This creates one or more Assemblies depending on configuration. Then, we put the status JSON object(s) in a hidden input field named transloadit.

<input type="hidden" name="transloadit" value='[{"ok": "ASSEMBLY_EXECUTING",...}]'>

Finally, we really submit the form—without files, but with those Assembly status objects. You can then handle that in your backend.


All the options to the [Transloadit][transloadit] plugin are supported.


Set rules and conditions to limit the type and/or number of files that can be selected. Restrictions are configured by the restrictions option.


Maximum file size in bytes for each individual file.


The total number of files that can be selected. If this is larger than 1, the multiple attribute will be added to <input type="file"> fields.


The minimum number of files that must be selected before the upload. The upload will fail and the form will not be submitted if fewer files were selected.


Array of mime type wildcards image/*, exact mime types image/jpeg, or file extensions .jpg: ['image/*', '.jpg', '.jpeg', '.png', '.gif'].

If provided, the <input accept> attribute will be added to <input type="file"> fields, so only acceptable files can be selected in the system file dialog.

Progress Reporting

Uploads using HTML forms have no builtin progress reporting. With Robodog, you can use the statusBar option to show an @uppy/status-bar: an element styled like a progress bar, reporting both upload and Assembly execution progress.

Point it to an element or a CSS selector:

<form id="my-form" ...>
  <div class="progress"></div>
transloadit.form('form#my-form', {
  statusBar: '#my-form .progress'
  // ...

The progress bar will be inserted into that element (thus not replace it).

Migrating From the jQuery SDK

We now recommend using Uppy over the jQuery SDK. Uppy is framework- and library-agnostic, and much more extensible.

Like the Transloadit jQuery SDK, this API enhances an existing form. That makes this a good candidate for migration. Most of the jQuery SDK options have a direct equivalent in Robodog.

First, change your import URLs and initialization code:

<!-- The old jQuery way… -->
<script src="//"></script>
<!-- The new Robodog way! -->
<script src="//"></script>
transloadit.form(selector, {

The equivalent options are listed below.


jQuery option Robodog option
service service
region Not supported, instead set the service option to
wait: true waitForEncoding: true
requireUploadMetadata: true waitForMetadata: true
params params
signature signature
modal Currently unavailable
autoSubmit submitOnSuccess
triggerUploadOnFileSelection autoProceed: true
processZeroFiles alwaysRunAssembly
maxNumberOfUploadedFiles Use restrictions instead. restrictions.maxNumberOfFiles.
locale No longer supported, this will be addressed by the equivalent to the translations option instead.
translations Currently unavailable
exclude Currently unavailable
fields fields. The CSS selector format is no longer supported. Instead, specify an array of form field names. ['field1'] instead of 'input[name=field1].
debug Obsolete, as Transloadit’s backend has improved error reporting.

As for the options that are unavailable:

  • modal will be added in the future.
  • exclude is intended to exclude certain <input type="file"> inputs from Transloadit processing. It will likely not be added, but we’ll perhaps have a include CSS selector option instead.
  • debug will not be added.


The transloadit.form() method returns an Uppy object, so you can listen to events there. There are no on*() options anymore, but an .on('*') method is provided instead.

jQuery option Robodog Event
onStart onAssemblyCreated
onExecuting onAssemblyExecuting
onFileSelect onFileAdded
onProgress onProgress
onUpload onUpload
onResult onResult
onCancel onCancel (or onFileCancel for individual files)
onError onError
onSuccess onComplete
onDisconnect Currently unavailable, use something like is-offline
onReconnect Currently unavailable, use something like is-offline