Uppy is an open source project by Transloadit
Transloadit Community Plan: free hosted Companion & tusd, unlimited uploading, and 5GB/mo encoding traffic!

List of Plugins

Everything in Uppy is a Plugin. This lets us offer a wealth of features, but avoid bloating your JS bundle sizes if you don’t need them all.

See list of packages and sizes below to install what you need.

  • Uppy β€” The core module that orchestrates everything
  • Companion β€” Server-side proxy that enables remote sources like Instagram, Google Drive, and Dropbox

UI Elements

  • Dashboard β€” full-featured sleek UI with file previews, metadata editing, upload/pause/resume/cancel buttons and more. Includes StatusBar and Informer plugins by default
  • Status Bar β€” advanced upload progress status bar
  • Progress Bar β€” add a small YouTube-style progress bar at the top of the page
  • Informer β€” show notifications


  • Drag & Drop β€” plain and simple drag-and-drop area
  • Drop Target β€” drag-and-drop area on any element on the page
  • File Input β€” even more plain and simple, just a button
  • Webcam β€” upload selfies or audio / video recordings
  • β“’ Box β€” import files from Box
  • β“’ Dropbox β€” import files from Dropbox
  • β“’ Google Drive β€” import files from Google Drive
  • β“’ Facebook β€” import files from Facebook
  • β“’ Instagram β€” import files from Instagram
  • β“’ OneDrive β€” import files from OneDrive
  • β“’ Zoom β€” import files from Zoom
  • β“’ Unsplash β€” import images from Unsplash
  • β“’ Import From URL β€” import files from any public URL


  • Tus β€” uploads using the tus resumable upload protocol
  • XHR Upload β€” classic multipart form uploads or binary uploads using XMLHTTPRequest
  • AWS S3 β€” uploader for AWS S3
  • AWS S3 Multipart β€” uploader for AWS S3 using its resumable Multipart protocol

File Processing

  • Robodog β€” user friendly abstraction to do file processing with Transloadit
  • Image Editor β€” allows users to crop, rotate, zoom and flip images that are added to Uppy
  • Transloadit β€” manipulate and transcode uploaded files using the transloadit.com service


  • Form β€” collect metadata from <form> right before the Uppy upload, then optionally append results back to the form
  • Golden Retriever β€” restore files and continue uploading after a page refresh or a browser crash
  • Thumbnail Generator β€” generate preview thumbnails for images to be uploaded
  • Redux β€” Uppy can use your app’s Redux store for its files and UI state


Other Integrations

List of Uppy Packages

Below is the list of Uppy packages, and their minified and gzipped sizes.

⚠️ Note that this includes the dependencies for each package, some of which are shared when you install multiple plugins. For example, the @uppy/dropbox and @uppy/instagram package are both over 11kB including dependencies, but only sum up to about 15kB when they are used together.
Package Version Minified Gzip
uppy 2.2.1 536 KB 147 KB
@uppy/robodog 2.1.1 385 KB 105 KB
@uppy/react 2.1.1 203 KB 55 KB
@uppy/core 2.1.1 51 KB 17 KB
@uppy/aws-s3 2.0.5 33 KB 10 KB
@uppy/aws-s3-multipart 2.1.1 33 KB 10 KB
@uppy/dashboard 2.1.1 171 KB 47 KB
@uppy/drag-drop 2.0.4 5.8 KB 2.2 KB
@uppy/dropbox 2.0.4 42 KB 13 KB
@uppy/file-input 2.0.4 2.1 KB 1.0 KB
@uppy/form 2.0.4 7.7 KB 3.0 KB
@uppy/golden-retriever 2.0.5 17 KB 5.2 KB
@uppy/google-drive 2.0.4 42 KB 13 KB
@uppy/informer 2.0.4 5.4 KB 1.9 KB
@uppy/instagram 2.0.4 43 KB 13 KB
@uppy/image-editor 1.0.4 46 KB 15 KB
@uppy/progress-bar 2.0.4 1.2 KB 684 B
@uppy/screen-capture 2.0.4 12 KB 3.9 KB
@uppy/status-bar 2.1.1 18 KB 6.0 KB
@uppy/thumbnail-generator 2.0.5 80 KB 22 KB
@uppy/transloadit 2.0.4 164 KB 46 KB
@uppy/tus 2.1.1 65 KB 19 KB
@uppy/url 2.0.4 16 KB 5.6 KB
@uppy/webcam 2.0.4 20 KB 6.2 KB
@uppy/xhr-upload 2.0.5 32 KB 10 KB
@uppy/drop-target 1.1.1 7.2 KB 2.7 KB
@uppy/store-default 2.0.2 1.1 KB 604 B
@uppy/store-redux 2.0.2 4.8 KB 2.1 KB

This graph is built with Hugh Kennedy’s excellent disc.

Browser Support

Sauce Test Status

We currently aim to support IE11+ and recent versions of Safari, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

We still run end to end tests with IE10, but we are not actively supporting it or fixing visual / minor issues.