List of Plugins

Plugins are what makes Uppy useful: they help select, manipulate and upload files.

  • Local Sources:
    • @uppy/dashboard — full-featured sleek UI with file previews, metadata editing, upload/pause/resume/cancel buttons and more. Includes StatusBar and Informer plugins by default
    • @uppy/drag-drop — plain and simple drag-and-drop area
    • @uppy/file-input — even more plain and simple, just a button
    • @uppy/webcam — upload selfies or audio / video recordings
  • Remote Providers: (remote sources that work through Companion)
  • Uploaders:
  • UI Elements:
  • Encoding Services:
  • Miscellaneous:
    • @uppy/form — collect metadata from <form> right before the Uppy upload, then optionally append results back to the form
    • @uppy/thumbnail-generator — generate preview thumbnails for images to be uploaded [documentation not yet available]
    • @uppy/golden-retriever — restore files and continue uploading after a page refresh or a browser crash