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List of Plugins

Everything in Uppy is a Plugin. This lets us offer a wealth of features, but avoid bloating your JS bundle sizes if you don’t need them all.

See list of packages and sizes below to install what you need.

  • Uppy β€” The core module that orchestrates everything
  • Companion β€” Server-side proxy that enables remote sources like Instagram, Google Drive, and Dropbox

UI Elements

  • Dashboard β€” full-featured sleek UI with file previews, metadata editing, upload/pause/resume/cancel buttons and more. Includes StatusBar and Informer plugins by default
  • Status Bar β€” advanced upload progress status bar
  • Progress Bar β€” add a small YouTube-style progress bar at the top of the page
  • Informer β€” show notifications


  • Drag & Drop β€” plain and simple drag-and-drop area
  • Drop Target β€” drag-and-drop area on any element on the page
  • File Input β€” even more plain and simple, just a button
  • Audio β€” upload audio recordings
  • Webcam β€” upload selfies or audio / video recordings
  • Screen capture β€” upload selfies or audio / video recordings
  • β“’ Box β€” import files from Box
  • β“’ Dropbox β€” import files from Dropbox
  • β“’ Google Drive β€” import files from Google Drive
  • β“’ Instagram β€” import files from Instagram
  • β“’ OneDrive β€” import files from OneDrive
  • β“’ Zoom β€” import files from Zoom
  • β“’ Facebook β€” import files from Facebook
  • β“’ Unsplash β€” import images from Unsplash
  • β“’ Import From URL β€” import files from any public URL


  • Tus β€” uploads using the tus resumable upload protocol
  • XHR Upload β€” classic multipart form uploads or binary uploads using XMLHTTPRequest
  • AWS S3 β€” uploader for AWS S3
  • AWS S3 Multipart β€” uploader for AWS S3 using its resumable Multipart protocol
  • Transloadit β€” manipulate and transcode uploaded files using the transloadit.com service


  • Form β€” collect metadata from <form> right before the Uppy upload, then optionally append results back to the form
  • Golden Retriever β€” restore files and continue uploading after a page refresh or a browser crash
  • Image Editor β€” allows users to crop, rotate, zoom and flip images that are added to Uppy
  • Thumbnail Generator β€” generate preview thumbnails for images to be uploaded
  • Redux β€” Uppy can use your app’s Redux store for its files and UI state
  • Compressor β€” optimizes images before upload, saving up to 60% on average
  • Remote Sources β€” Uppy plugin that includes all remote sources that Uppy+Companion offer, like Instagram, Google Drive, Dropox, Box, Unsplash, Url etc


Other Integrations

List of Uppy Packages

Below is the list of Uppy packages, and their minified and gzipped sizes.

⚠️ Note that this includes the dependencies for each package, some of which are shared when you install multiple plugins. For example, the @uppy/dropbox and @uppy/instagram package are both over 11kB including dependencies, but only sum up to about 15kB when they are used together.
Package Version Minified Gzip
uppy 3.4.0 499 KB 145 KB
@uppy/react 3.1.0 146 KB 41 KB
@uppy/core 3.0.5 46 KB 16 KB
@uppy/aws-s3 3.0.5 28 KB 9.6 KB
@uppy/aws-s3-multipart 3.1.2 34 KB 11 KB
@uppy/dashboard 3.2.1 126 KB 37 KB
@uppy/drag-drop 3.0.1 5.2 KB 2.1 KB
@uppy/dropbox 3.0.1 41 KB 13 KB
@uppy/file-input 3.0.1 1.7 KB 895 B
@uppy/form 3.0.1 4.9 KB 2.1 KB
@uppy/golden-retriever 3.0.2 14 KB 4.3 KB
@uppy/google-drive 3.0.1 41 KB 13 KB
@uppy/informer 3.0.1 5.1 KB 1.8 KB
@uppy/instagram 3.0.1 42 KB 14 KB
@uppy/image-editor 2.1.0 46 KB 15 KB
@uppy/progress-bar 3.0.1 1018 B 567 B
@uppy/screen-capture 3.0.1 12 KB 3.7 KB
@uppy/status-bar 3.0.1 17 KB 5.9 KB
@uppy/thumbnail-generator 3.0.2 34 KB 11 KB
@uppy/transloadit 3.1.0 125 KB 37 KB
@uppy/tus 3.0.5 66 KB 20 KB
@uppy/url 3.1.0 12 KB 4.9 KB
@uppy/webcam 3.2.1 20 KB 6.8 KB
@uppy/xhr-upload 3.0.4 28 KB 9.2 KB
@uppy/drop-target 2.0.1 4.5 KB 1.8 KB
@uppy/store-default 3.0.2 732 B 448 B
@uppy/store-redux 3.0.2 1.3 KB 740 B

Browser Support

We aim to support recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. We still provide a bundle which should work on IE11, but we are not running tests on it.