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Community Projects

Uppy has a large community of enthusiasts building plugins, integrations with js frameworks, etc! Here’s a non-exhaustive list:

  • vue-uppy — A Vue wrapper for Uppy.io
  • uppy-angular-library — Angular 8/9 component wrapper
  • ng-uppy — Sample angular (5.x) app for uppy.io with resumable uploads
  • uppy-aws-amplify — Upload to AWS Amplify Storage (S3) with Uppy
  • uppy-image-compressor — Uppy’s own Artur Paikin received a question about creating plugins and wanted to showcase how you could for example, do image optimization before uploading with Uppy even starts. This could save bandwidth and time, at the tradeoff of not having the original version on the server. We thought the result might be useful to others too so this project is under consideration of becoming an official Plugin, depending on your feedback.
  • nova-s3-multipart-upload — Uppy tool for Laravel Nova

We’d like to list more community projects, do you know one that should be on this page? Send us a PR via the link down below.