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Uppy 1.7: A Small One

Uppy 1.7 was released last December! This release added Hebrew translations, a recording length timer for the @uppy/webcam plugin, and a collection of improvements to Companion.

showRecordingLength: true

When recording audio or video using the @uppy/webcam plugin, this new option contributed by @dominiceden shows a timer in the bottom right, so your users can see how long they’ve been recording for.


The past months we’ve made some incremental improvements to Companion. We patched an issue where Companion could sometimes output remote provider authentication tokens into logs.

We now run Companion tests on Node.js 6 on each commit, in addition to Node.js 10, to make sure that we don’t break compatibility in a minor release. Node.js 6 support will be dropped in a future major release, and we recommend you upgrade soon if you are still using it.

Uploading files from remote providers with the @uppy/aws-s3-multipart plugin now uses the correct file name in your S3 bucket by default, instead of the temporary filename that Companion uses internally.

The getKey() option for S3 now has a metadata parameter, so you can use file metadata from the client to determine the name of files in S3.


The new Hebrew locale is available as:


Thanks to @YehudaKremer for the contribution!

In 1.7, we also fixed the naming of the Galician locale. The locale names follow a country_LANGUAGE format. Previously, we used es_GL for Galician, which was intended to mean “Galician in Spain”, but which actually means “Spanish in Greenland”! The correct way to refer to Galician is as gl_ES:


The old es_GL name is now an alias for gl_ES. It will be removed in a future major release, so we recommend updating your code if you were using the old name. If you do it now, the migration will be easier once 2.0 comes around :smile:


  • @uppy/aws-s3: add some tests (@bambii7, #1934)
  • @uppy/companion: add onedrive domain validation for the demo deployment (@ifedapoolarewaju, #1959)
  • @uppy/companion: change demo deployment type to stable API (@kiloreux, #1938)
  • @uppy/companion: rename uppy occurrences to companion (@ifedapoolarewaju, #1926)
  • @uppy/companion: upgrade helmet (@goto-bus-stop, 6b006ac)
  • @uppy/core: make uppy.on() work better with IntelliSense (@bambii7, #1923)
  • @uppy/dashboard: hide top bar cancel button when hideCancelButton: true (@goto-bus-stop, #1955)
  • @uppy/thumbnail-generator: add webp to the list of supported types (@arturi, #1961)
  • @uppy/thumbnail-generator: vendor exif-js source in Uppy (@mskelton, #1940)
  • docs: FB and OneDrive are not yet in the CDN bundle (@goto-bus-stop, 61b54b9)
  • docs: add companionHeaders to s3-multipart docs (@goto-bus-stop, a6e44a9)
  • docs: add reset-progress event to docs (@bambii7, #1922)
  • docs: make Robodog naming more consistent (@goto-bus-stop, #1935)
  • docs: make react sample code more standalone (@uxitten, #1864)
  • examples: remove UPPYSERVER_ references (@goto-bus-stop, e74690e)
  • website: add facebook to dashboard example (@ifedapoolarewaju, #1930)
  • website: add plugin versions (@arturi, #1952)
  • website: enable onedrive on the website example (@ifedapoolarewaju, #1975)

As always, you can find the full list of changes and package versions, as well as future plans, in our changelog.