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30 Days to Liftoff: Day 29

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With Easter behind us, only two days remain before the Uppy 1.0 release!. We hope you’re anticipating the launch as much as we are looking forward to being out from under the pressure of geting everything done in time!

In terms of progress and completed features, things are looking good. We don’t have the entire team present today due to personal holidays and other commitments, but there’s no slowing down as we approach our deadline! This afternoon, we’re having our final Uppy 1.0 call where we’ll make final decisions on what we will — and won’t — get done before Thursday.

  • The Russian language pack for Uppy was added by Artur. Alex and Evgenia have been weighing in with some feedback of their own to help get it completed. Feel free to contibute if you know Russian!

  • The Dutch languge pack for Uppy was also added, this time not by one of us, but by an enterprising member of the Uppy community! Duizend maal dank, Geert!

  • Ife fixed an issue involving the Transloadit API responding successfully before the upload is complete. This occurred when using XHR for uploading. Now, when using Companion, there will be a check for any mismatch in bytes from an uploaded file to ensure this does not happen any more.

  • Ife’s fix for issues with illusive progress for multipart uploads, was also tested and approved by Artur.

  • Artur’s contributions didn’t end there! He also updated our React Native example to use Uppy 0.30.5.

  • We had a bit of an issue after releasing Uppy 0.30.5, which involved 404 errors being thrown for certain 0.30.5-specific CSS and JS files. This was an issue regarding one of our CDN scripts, which was aptly fixed by Kevin.

  • Abdel is creating the French language pack for Uppy, and is considering working on an Arabic one for post-1.0 updates as well.

  • Evgenia has continued her work on accessibility issues with Uppy’s provider views and is planning on adding her improvements in the coming days.

Don’t forget that today is Day 29 of our ‘30 Days to Liftoff’ challenge. With Uppy 1.0 on its way and our blog post challenge coming to an end, we hope you won’t miss these quick updates too much! If you can’t stand to miss our grand finale tomorrow, make sure to follow us on Twitter and have a look at our RSS feed.