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30 Days to Liftoff: Day 21

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We’re reaching the final stretch of our ‘30 Days to Liftoff’ blog post challenge. After a refreshing weekend, the entire team is ready to give it their all over the next ten days to ensure that Uppy 1.0 reaches its April 25 release date.

Since we’re starting the week strong and prepared, let’s take a quick glance at how our Uppy dashboard is looking.

There are still a few unique, and possibly daunting, tasks left for the remainder of the development cycle, but the team is taking each issue in stride and adding features with ease.

  • Ife fixed a bug on the React Native side of things to get rid of an error that was present on one of our Android examples. Additionally, he made some name changes in a number of files — changing serverUrl to companionUrl and serverPattern to companionAllowedHosts.

  • Artur and Kevin will continue pairing on language packs throughout today.

  • Ife is also still tackling the large file size upload issue we’re having with React Native. He managed to find the source of the issue, but Both Ife and Marius will be investigating how best to move on from here.

  • Renée continues working on making Robodog work with an inline dashboard. They plan to have a demo and documentation up and running sometime today.

  • The drag and drop improvements being made by Evgenia will also continue today, with some of her current improvements being the removal of the flickering issue and a nicer background design while using the feature.

  • Alex discovered an issue with the filter field when using Google Drive on the Dashboard.

Our goal is in sight, so we’re starting to get pretty excited! Keep us in your thoughts by giving us a follow on Twitter or subscribing to regular updates on RSS. Day 22 is up next, so you can look forward to another lovely post from Kevin!