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30 Days to Liftoff: Day 2

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Yesterday, marked the beginning of our thirty-day blog post challenge to keep you updated on our preparations for releasing Uppy 1.0 on April 25. So here we are again already!

Our big coding speedrun towards for 1.0 starts April 1, so we are mostly busy with tying up loose ends, busting issues, and planning our work ahead.

Our roadmap for 1.0

With so much still to do before Uppy 1.0 is ready go, it’s important that we keep track of all the various tasks. We are doing this with help of an Uppy 1.0 project dashboard that we created in Asana. This lets us see in an instant what everyone is working on and what the current status is on specific tasks.

We currently have our tasks divided into five sections, which are: Nice To Have, To Do, In Progress and Done. The tasks in the To Do and In Progress lanes (and of course those that are Done) are planned to make the 1.0 release. And if we have time on our side before the launch date, we’ll also try to get as many of the Nice To Have tasks checked off as well.

We’ve discussed our Changelog‘s 1.0 goals and tried to re-prioritize and assign work.

We didn’t manage to fit all of those To Dos in the picture, but here is a screenshot of what our board looks like at the moment:

Aside from planning, we’ve also been busy onboarding Evgenia so she can hit the ground running April 1st.

And tomorrow, we’ll look at the To Dos in more detail, so we can get a clearer idea of subtasks and who will do what, exactly.

That’s all the updates I have for you today. See you tomorrow for Day 3 of our 30 Days to Liftoff!

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